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          Aijia Pet Training School

          Shanghai Aijia Pet Training School is located in Hua Cao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai Hongwei Road, Hongwei Village, No. 109 (near the Hongqiao Airport), relying on Hongqiao Airport hub, the traffic is very convenient! Is the most convenient transportation from the city recently, most affordable training, facilities and most complete of the most sophisticated technology, the most professional dog training, accommodation, the most beautiful environment the size of a professional dog training school. A huge dog training 10 teachers from the Shanghai garrison command team full of veterans based technical backbone dogs dog training teachers it helps ensure the dog school transportation convenience, the price benefits; training dogs professional integrity, the dog's physical and mental health !

          Shanghai Aijia Pet Training School, the Center was founded, so that Shanghai's broad Kennel of animal lovers bid farewell to the tuition fees are not bandits; and the trouble of commuting to the remote outskirts of pets to school. City of love at home dog training dog school to meet parents of low-cost tuition fees and traffic conditions, time of convenience!

          Shanghai Aijia Pet Training School foster care training center, covers an area of more than 6000 square meters, the Shanghai covers an area of super-large and improve the management of facilities, training dogs super strong technical force, dogs the size of professional training, foster care centers. Traffic, and to facilitate and fast! 3000 square meters outdoor playground for the dogs daily movement, freedom of the open playground for the dogs run, ensured the dog plenty of exercise. Variety of agility training equipment, can be used for dogs leisure entertainment needs. At the same time, loving family pet training center also has a special exchange of the master recreation room, 300 square meters of indoor training hall for the interaction between man and dog show entertainment purposes. Rainy day still class!

          Shanghai Aijia Pet Training School from a pet training school psychology, behavior and personality characteristics, as well as the dogs ability to adapt the environment to comprehensive training dogs, training dogs of overall quality. Training a dog in order to reinforce our results, we give training a dog owner to teach the skills and knowledge of dogs to help owners to better read your dog and learn to communicate with it, learn training dogs, you can achieve with the dog happily coexist. So we end up training results is to enable dog owners to understand the thinking and behavior. Small guide to learn how to complete the development of dog's personality! Make learning smooth allows dogs to adapt to the rules of our lives, better access to the community! If you want to learn more about our services, please contact us, let us discuss your desired results of training. To allow you to learn more about us, we are pleased you are willing to train your dog at home!
          Shanghai Aijia Pet Training School in Shanghai to do the region's most professional, most complete management facilities, training technical strength of the most powerful professional pet foster care, pet training school. The election to elect the most professional dog training school is the last word in!

          Shanghai Aijia Pet Training School is actively participate in and organize the activities of universal knowledge of dogs to guide the general public towards science and Kennel, science and training dogs direction. In order to further popularize dog training center to support technology to improve the level of training dogs in Shanghai, dog behavior training all year round from time to time organize training activities, obedience training dog training activities, training activities and guiding hand dog beautician training activities, are welcome to Friends come to visit, and enthusiastic participation.

          Shanghai Aijia Pet training school, dog training base for teachers from the Shanghai garrison dogs, training dogs has 10 years of division and guiding hand of experience training dogs, training dogs more than 1,400 just to participate in dog competitions won numerous awards for . This school is a perfect quality, the military style of training dogs and experienced team, and each teacher is the Shanghai Garrison dog training base for retired military dog trainers, all with professional dog training skills and love for your pet to provide professional and scientific training.

          Shanghai Aijia Pet training school, using the most advanced training methods combined process of teaching, using the most flexible, most user-friendly training methods. School has experienced guidance teachers and experienced trainers, will teach your dog all kinds, professional and creative-oriented training programs. School is based on the needs of the owner opened the door-style training, residential-style training and pet hotels and pet door combination of training school.

          Shanghai Aijia Pet training school, training to support the family-based rather than the traditional military dog training methods, so that dog training is more like home, humanity, the emergence of this school centers, so that Shanghai's broad Kennel owner goodbye to high tuition fees fear hardship dog, training is longer, the concerns raised ineffective. Schools according to different breeds, age, personality and adopt different training methods, with the family pet dog's growing and prevailing rate of dog owners want and value through an effective, short-term training in ways to improve the family to support the dog situation. Loving family pet dog training dog training schools in all divisions with three years experience in military training military dogs, 5-year market in Shanghai, all large dogs, pet dog training school experience; the door for many years of practical experience training dogs, as well as and foreign animal psychology , summed up a set of different breeds, age, stage of scientific training programs, changing the past the domestic pet dog size-fits-dogs training mode to enhance the results of training and reduces training time, more adapted to the urban family pets requirements. Schools, mainly in line with dogs, man-one dog training model to encourage owner participation in training, so that dogs and owners, coaches, three better able to communicate and create a positive and serious training, fun and lively atmosphere, so that you The dog can take the initiative joy of learning.

          Shanghai Aijia Pet training school is one that all the professional, scientific theory of dog training, pet training, training school. We have our own management of breeding, training model. All the trainers, keepers and the dogs who live together. Trainers to establish affinity with the dogs, fast and secure anywhere, anytime training, simulated family environment, establish rules of good living dogs. The same training time to obtain a better training effect. All staff have carried out beauty, care, feeding and management, veterinary knowledge and the dog behavior training. Really solve their problems, to ensure that dogs receive the best education and care.

          Shanghai Aijia Pet training school, established patterns of family pets environment for training ground. Training field simulation environment such families, Gaidiao a large lawn with no specific family, training defects. This can provide better, more effectively address family in Shanghai targeted dogs to correct bad habits. The same is also provided dog owners for feeding, training, nutrition, communication platform, and for dog owners advice, foster care provides a convenient. And more have already graduated from dogs free of charge for the review provided a good place.

          Shanghai Aijia Pet training school, for your timely adjustments to the best dog training programs, and strive to make your dog training after graduation more suitable to your life, fully integrated into society and the end of the school in the dog After living and parents to maintain close cooperation, as far as possible once and for all. High-quality training, customer satisfaction, a full range of personalized service is our eternal pursuit. We sincerely confident, we will provide your dog with the best service, we have a full grasp of your dog happy learning experience. Choose loving family pet training school for your dog you will choose a better quality of life; choose to love family pets training school, you will choose more happiness.
          Shanghai loving pet foster home within the family pet training center apartments (completely true home environment, indoor environment and see "star accommodation environment")

          School Name: Aijia Pet Training School
          Add: Ji-Hua Cao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai Hongwei Wang Hongwei Village Road, No. 109 (near Ji Qu Road)
          Tel: 021-57689412
          Phone: 13122021104
          E-mail: teahdog@163.com